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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Gnocci Veggie Mash

The following meal was a whim meal. I threw stuff together because I wanted veggies over gnocci. Veggies and garlic butter sauce make gnocci pretty great. Ingredients The main guests: … Continue reading

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Cleaning the grill

Alton Brown’s trick for cleaning the grill: “Do me a favor: Please clean your grill. “Your grill grate better be squeaky clean or food will absolutely, positively stick (especially high-protein … Continue reading

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Nutella shortage

Say whaaa? Nutella is in danger? The luxuriously creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread we use to make bananas and toast taste infinitely better is now going to cost us at least twice … Continue reading

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Simple Rice

This is a very simple way of sprucing up a rice dish. Seasonings and butter can do a lot. I’ve always enjoyed buttery rice. To take this dish even further, … Continue reading

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