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Fun with food: Cool plates turn mom into Instagram star

This feature is amazingly cute! The photo (top right) on Facebook is what originally caught my eye, because I bought my favorite toddler a Minion tee shirt.

The maker of these beauties is so creative! I love the care involved in the arrangements, and their colors are exquisite. According to the article, she “only uses fresh ingredients,” which makes a lot of sense.

Not only do fresh ingredients look great, they taste great. As encouragement towards fresher ingredients intercedes in the quality of food consumption in the U.S., the better diets get.

What impresses me about the ingredients used in the plates is how the food goes together. The Minions in the photo, for example, are meatballs with cheese over them.

I can only imagine the process involved, but I am reminded of when I started mixing and matching ingredients when I began to cook. A lot can be done with very little.

Be sure to check out Samantha Lee’s food blog!


One comment on “Fun with food

  1. Shil
    August 24, 2013

    Creatively prepared!

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