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Pepper Mess

Tonight’s dinner was what I decided to call Pepper Mess.

  • 1 package wheat noodles
  • half of a cracked pepper turkey roast
  • Earth Balance buttery spread
  • can diced tomatoes (onion, celery, green chilis)
  • 12 oz can mushrooms
  • red wine vinegar
  • red pepper flakes
  • chili powder
  • splash of A1
  • minced garlic
  • sesame seed oil
  1. Starting with butter, I added a can of mushrooms to do buttery mushrooms. (Cook until mushrooms are floppy and taste like buttery goodness.)
  2. Added lots of red pepper flakes, garlic, a splash of A1 (yes, I did), chili powder, three splashes of red wine vinegar. Added a can of diced tomato (already had onion, celery, green chilis).
  3. Poured mix into the noodles when they finished cooking.
  4. Put cracked pepper turkey chunks into the wok with sesame seed oil to cook. When done, poured veggies and noodles back in with turkey.



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