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Gnocci Veggie Mash

The following meal was a whim meal. I threw stuff together because I wanted veggies over gnocci. Veggies and garlic butter sauce make gnocci pretty great. Ingredients The main guests: … Continue reading

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Cleaning the grill

Alton Brown’s trick for cleaning the grill: “Do me a favor: Please clean your grill. “Your grill grate better be squeaky clean or food will absolutely, positively stick (especially high-protein … Continue reading

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Nutella shortage

Say whaaa? Nutella is in danger? The luxuriously creamy chocolate-hazelnut spread we use to make bananas and toast taste infinitely better is now going to cost us at least twice … Continue reading

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Simple Rice

This is a very simple way of sprucing up a rice dish. Seasonings and butter can do a lot. I’ve always enjoyed buttery rice. To take this dish even further, … Continue reading

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Garlic tomato gnocchi and fish fillets

It was a tomato-y adventure. I used garlic powder, but would have preferred minced garlic. I also used tap water, but would have used my Brita pitcher if I had … Continue reading

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Salad Recipes

76 Must-try salad recipes ZOMG, I wish I had those dozens of salad recipes in a salad recipe book! If anyone knows a good collection of salad recipes in book … Continue reading

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Crockpot cheats for 14 meals

Found this link for instructions for a month’s worth of crock pot meals!! Exciting, and liberating! If anyone has any comments on these recipes for me to try, if you … Continue reading

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Alton Brown, Steak

In the following video, Alton makes steak on coals… Have I mentioned how much I love Alton Brown’s cooking? Well, now, so can you… Here’s Alton Brown’s Top 5 Tactics to Make … Continue reading

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Simple Beef Stir Fry

Be sure to stir throughout cooking. Keep the ingredients in this meal moving so they don’t stick or burn. 1 lb stew meat 1 lb fresh broccoli 2 cans of … Continue reading

June 7, 2014 · Leave a comment

Chicken casserole mix over noodles

This meal, something simple my Fox put together, was tangy and full of flavor. If you need to throw something together in a pinch, this definitely works. 1/3 of a … Continue reading

March 31, 2014 · Leave a comment
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